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Protect your brand's online reputation
“Nothing travels faster than the speed of light, with the possible exception of bad news, which obeys its own special laws.” ~ Douglas Adams (Mostly Harmless)

Realize the power of building and sustaining your online reputation

It’s no secret that buyers these days will trust online reviews from random strangers as much as they do recommendations from their best buds. When searching for info on new products or services, or looking up a company, they’re going to head straight to the internet to see what others are saying.

So, whatever is being said about your business, either by you or your customers, is going to affect the purchasing decisions of your potential customers.

When someone searches your business’s name online, what are they going to find? Are there plenty of glowing reviews or overflowing comment threads dripping with complaints about your brand? Did your latest joke go viral, managing to offend most of the planet? Is the joke now on you?

There’s just no escaping it: the internet and social media have changed the way businesses are being defined and your business’s online reputation is directly related to your customers and what everyone is saying about you.

Don’t let years of hard work be ruined in an instant; you need to protect your brand’s online reputation. You can’t just pretend an issue isn’t there by ignoring it. Be proactive when it comes to managing your online reputation.

And drum roll, please…

This is where Davena Marketing takes the reins

We use a variety of tactics to help you build and maintain a positive reputation and ensure your online presence is a true reflection of you and your brand. Through our reputation management services, we’ll monitor what people are saying about you and manage all the channels that affect your business’s online reputation. This includes

  • online reviews
  • online listings
  • Google Q&A
  • social media

We’ll compile reviews from dozens of sites so you can easily see what’s being said about your business online. Plus, use competitive benchmarking to see how you stack up to the competition. We’ll also provide regular reports to break down how your business is faring in online conversations and help you understand how to respond.

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