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There's no escaping it, if you want your business to shine online...

You need to have a website!

Having a great website is all part of building your online presence, and these days, your customers are going to expect you to have one. Chances are pretty good that they’re unlikely to purchase something before searching for your business online first. And what if they don’t find your company’s website? Will they run for the hills right into your competitor’s arms? You don’t want that now do you?

So, if you’re thinking of finally changing your book swap group from a fun Facebook hobby to a legit business or starting to think it’s time to finally sell those crochet toilet seat warmers to more people than just your neighbours, chances are you’re going to need a stellar website to launch your business onto the global scene.

Your website is where you will:

share info about your business

showcase your brand

sell your products & services

So, don’t be shy, put yourself out there and get started today!

It may seem overwhelming at first – thinking of all that goes into creating a website, especially if you’re the non-techy type. But this isn’t something you need to waste your time trying to figure out alone. Hiring a professional web development team is just a click away with Davena Marketing.

We have a team of developers that can build a wow-worthy WordPress website that truly represents your brand. We’ll help you develop a stellar site with our starter package that includes:

  • five pages of SEO-friendly content
  • standard plugins
  • website copy
  • up to 12 months of maintenance

If you’re wanting to develop an ecommerce site to sell your products, we can also include:

  • product uploads
  • payment processing
  • many other fantastic features

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