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Who are we?

Davena Marketing is a digital marketing agency dedicated to helping companies grow and achieve their goals. We’re fun and silly, and maybe sometimes even a bit eccentric. Our outlook on life is light-hearted, but when it concerns maximizing business for our clients we are no nonsense. We are based in Saskatoon, SK and we serve businesses all over North America.

  • We help businesses flourish online and expand their global reach.
  • We will determine your target market and focus on it.
  • We will ensure your online life is a true reflection of you and your brand.
  • We are goofy and fun-loving; and we take your business seriously.

How can we help?

Our diverse team of experts specializes in Digital Marketing services.

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Digital Advertising

With online advertising, you can reach your customers right where they are - on their desktop, tablet, or phone! Find out more about how we can help!


Having a great website is a large part of building your online presence and showcasing your brand. Talk to us today about building the best website for your business!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

How do you go about climbing to the top of the search engine food chain? It all starts with a great SEO strategy. Find out how we can help!

Listings Management

When customers and prospects search for you online, make sure they can find you and that the information they are finding is accurate. Find out more here!


Looking to grow your brand’s social presence, gain followers, and attract more traffic to your website? Then you need an effective social media strategy. Click here to learn more!

Online Reputation

We use a variety of tactics to help you build and maintain a positive reputation and ensure your online presence is a true reflection of you and your brand. Learn more here!

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