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Optimize your website
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How do you go about climbing to the top of the search engine food chain to improve the quality and quantity of traffic to your website?

It all starts with a great SEO strategy

Admit it, before you make any major decision, whether it’s buying a new calming blanket for your anxious pet turkey or deciding whether you want to try out that new dining in the dark restaurant, you have likely Googled the heck out of it first. And, once you’ve hit enter on that search term, do you even bother going past the first page of results?

Your potential customers are likely doing the same thing, and as a business, you definitely want to be on that infamous first page – it’s the page that shouts out to the world that you’re reputable, credible, and ultimately means you have a seat at the cool kids’ table. It’s where your searchers stop their searching, so it’s where you want to be.


Key Steps

It’s not rocket science…but SEO, or Search Engine Optimization – for those not yet familiar with the term – certainly is a science.
There are key steps that need to be taken and these include:

  • having keyword-optimized content on your website and across your social media platforms
  • ensuring your business’s contact details are properly listed online
  • have quality links to and from your website

At Davena Marketing, we understand what it takes to optimize your website design, configuration, and content to help you rank better in search engines. We’ll help you gain the visibility you need on both desktop and mobile searches and ensure your business doesn’t get lost in the ever-expanding interweb.


We offer comprehensive packages that include:

All-in-one Dashboard

Target Keywords

Target Location(s)

Content Writing Services

We’ll also run regular website audits and on-page optimization, as well as ongoing monitoring and reporting to ensure you stay on top of the SEO game.

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